Why do you choose OoaK?

OoaK is what you need to organize your home games. In our first version we’ve decided to place an emphasis on casual gamers. With support up to 15 players, OoaK also has the ability to handle several currencies and cash distribution in tournament or non-tournament Texas No Limit Hold'em play.

Poker Set Management

In OoaK you can easily specify the content of your poker chips set. Define how many chips per color and you are done

Easy to use

OoaK does everything for you. It will tell you which chip stacks to distribute to players and generate the levels and blinds for you. Cannot be more easy than that


OoaK provides advanced notifications. In addition to a timer, it will keep you posted on all game events such as a level change

Look & Feel

OoaK's design is clean, elegant and different from everything you've seen so far